Together, we're beautiful.
I skipped town and joined the traveling circus:

"I am a wanderlust king!" (Gogol Bordello is an excellent band!)

It was the beginning of June and my graduating class was getting prepared for the big ceremony; since I was expelled my senior year for being a vegan activist I figured, “Oh the fuck well.” I found myself hitching out of Oregon to the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, California; from there I met a group of lovers and we made our way across the country together to the Alleghany National Forest in Pennsylvania to the 2010 National Rainbow Gathering (the 3rd largest “terrorist group” in America). Of course we stopped at plenty of music festivals along the way. (One of my favorites was a rave, “Sonicbloom” in Colorado; Colorado is incredibly beautiful.)

On the 7th of July, I met a beautiful man by the name of Trent at the gathering and we just clicked. After an hour of talking we agreed that we had finally found each other and we’ve been road dogs ever since.

We’ve had so many unbelievabley perfect experiences. We’ve met so many enlightened and gracious people on our journey that there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Universe falls together as it should.

Right now we’re in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. We’re making our way back to the west coast in a week or so. Trent hasn’t ever been to the west coast, so I’ll show him around. :)

ANYWAYS! Fellow tumblrs, I figured I should let you know why I haven’t been blogging recently! :) I’ll keep you as updated as possible! :)


Humanity, you should be ashamed.

Humanity, you should be ashamed.

Time to go ride my ass off!!

Literally!! XD <3



I recently bought this shirt off of &#8212; and you can as well!

I recently bought this shirt off of — and you can as well!

Oh, Moby!! You’re incredibly adorable! :D